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Due to a recent change in the Liverpool Rod and Gun Club bylaws, all current members as well as prospective members must be members of the NRA (National Rifle Assoc.) Proof of NRA membership will be required with renewal payment in the form of a copy of the NRA member card or the label from one of the NRA magazine publications. The magazine label must have the renewing members name, address, NRA member number as well as membership expiration date. On April 1, each year all memberships that have not been renewed will be terminated without exception.

Liverpool Rod and Gun Club
Fall / Spring Rifle League
2018 - 2019

(Open to the public)


First relay 8:00AM

Oct 14, 2018
Oct 28, 2018

Nov 11, 2018
Nov 25, 2018
Dec 9, 2018
The best 10 scores will be used for record

Classes :
Hunter / Sporter
Military/Service w/Scope
Military Iron Sight
 All scores are posted online at

$10.00 registration (one time) $2.00 per relay
Question ?
Call Rick @ 668-7279

     or Email

Liverpool Rod and Gun Club will host a bench rest league.
Wednesday Nights @ 6:00PM beginning June 5, 2019

Shooting will be done from a seated position with the rifle supported by a front rest of any kind that is safe. A rear support for the stock is also allowed.

Targets will be positioned at 100 yards, 50 yards for .22 rimfire

Shooter is responsible for his/her rifle and ammunition.

Targets will be available @ $1.00 per target.

Course of fire: Shooter will fire sighting shots and 5 rounds on each scoring target in the time allowed,

Rifle: All rifles and calibers allowed by club rules.

This is a non competitive league. Shooters will score their own targets and take them home when finished. This is a chance to get out with other club members and enjoy our hobby. It is also a great opportunity to take advantage of the experience of other shooters.

New shooters or anyone that needs assistance getting started are welcome.

* As always safety is the most important part of our sport. The handling of rifles and general range rules will be followed. No rifles will be brought to the firing line or handled while anyone is down range. Empty chamber indicators will be required on the line when anyone is down range.

Safety: First, last and always

This is the target (Not to actual scale) we will use. Lower right target designated with "S" is the sighting bull.

Target IBS 200 YD Hunter Rifle
13" x 21"

We will also have 100 yard targets available.