Membership Committee


1.     A prospective member must be 21 years of age.  NO exceptions.  Proof required, if questionable. All  New York State laws will be followed for new and present members.

2.     A prospective member must attend three (3) general monthly meetings that are held the fourth Tuesday of each month (Jan - Nov.). The meeting is held at the clubhouse, 7902 Henry Clay Blvd., in the Town of Clay at 7:00 PM. It is just North of the Wetzel Road intersection with Henry Clay Blvd. Meetings do not have to be attended continuous or all in a row. Please sign in at the beginning of each meeting or talk to the secretary after the meeting, to be sure you are logged in. No exceptions.

3.     The prospective member is to arrive promptly at 6:30 PM  ( No Exceptions ) the night of the second attended general meeting, to receive the range safety requirements briefing,  given by one of our range officers.   Any questions will be answered at this time. Prospective member will then sign the range rule form to verify this instruction and to ensure he/she is aware of all club rules and safety policies.  The range officer will also sign this form. If you cannot make this specified time, you will be required to attend another second meeting, ( at 6:30 ) to get this briefing. It must be completed before the third meeting.

4.     The prospective member must then attend the third general meeting, where the application will be reviewed to the membership and voted on. If the vote is affirmative, the new member must pay the club dues of $80.00 and the initiation fee of $35.00. This is to be paid to the secretary or a designated person he chooses. Checks can be made out to the Liverpool Rod and Gun Club and a card issued.  If paid in cash, a membership card will be issued and that is  your receipt.  No exception.  Membership card will only be given upon full payment.

5.     First year members are probationary for the first 12 months. It is also required that you make the first year work days if scheduled, or make other arrangements.

Club Highlights and  Features:

1. Covered shooting benches.
2. 50 yard Pistol Range and 200 yard rifle range for paper targets. 50 yard shotgun board for sighting. ( Sorry, no aerial shooting ) ( Spinners for .22 rim fire only )
3. Clubhouse with restroom.
4. Plenty of parking, plowed during the winter.
5. Target frames available for shooting.
6. Helpful membership for all questions and support.
7. Yearly membership functions for fun and enjoyment